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National Progress Report


working professionals in business meetings This new report describes progress toward achieving the CDC's key HIV prevention goals and identifies some of the challenges that continue to threaten our success.

Using data from the CDC's HIV surveillance system, the report provides results for 21 indicators that support program planning, monitoring, and improvement activities related to the three main priorities of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS). The Office of National AIDS Policy has issued a separate Adobe PDF file External Website Icons report outlining progress toward achieving the goals of the NHAS.

National HIV Prevention Progress Report Adobe PDF file [PDF-8Mb] provides an important opportunity to reflect on our collective progress and show us where we have succeeded, and where we need to do better. To achieve the 2015 goals, it is necessary to accelerate progress nationally and locally. It is imperative that we remain collectively vigilant in implementing the NHAS and HIP strategies and continue to work together to make every prevention worthwhile.